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Doc. 25. Design of mechanical seals for hygienic and aseptic applications - thai version

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Beschreibung This guideline compares the design aspects of different mechanical seals with respect to ease of cleaning, microbial impermeability, sterilisability or pasteurisability. It can serve as a guide for suppliers and users of this important component.Using EHEDG definitions, mechanical seals are classified according to use in the food industry into three categories: Aseptic, Hygienic equipment Class I, and Hygienic Equipment Class II. Both single and dual mechanical seals fall under the first two categories, which by definition, are subject to more stringent hygienic demands. General design criteria and basic material requirements for food applications are explained. Materials covered include carbon-graphite, ceramics, elastomers and metals. Hygienic implications of seal elements and components are also discussed. Finally, installation requirements are described and illustrated, taking into account the product environment side, the flushing side and the cartridge design.
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