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Doc. 31. Hygienic engineering of fluid bed and spray dryer plants - english version

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Spray dryer and fluid bed plants are widely used in the food processing industry for producing dry particulate materials from liquid concentrations in a continuous process. The drying process involves product handling in a warm and humid environment and thus a potential hygienic risk is involved. Therefore, applications in the food industry require that spray drying should meet hygienic processing standards and all components in contact with product should be hygienically designed and preferably be EHEDG approved. This document describes the design and operational features of spray dryer and fluid bed plants with integrated or attached fluid beds that produce food and food related products.


1 Objectives and scope
2 Normative references
3 Definition of terms
4 General considerations
5 Special considerations
6 Features of spray dryer and fluid bed plants
7 Hygienic plant layout design
7.1 Hygienic zoning, buildings and rooms
7.2 Insulation and cladding
7.3 Automation and instrumentation
8 Hygiene plant operation
8.1 Mode of operation
8.2 Documentation
8.3 Personnel safety and environmental protection
8.4 Cleaning
8.4.1 General Considerations
8.4.2 Dry Cleaning
8.4.3 Wet Cleaning
8.4.4 Decontamination
8.5 Product deposit tendencies
8.6 Sampling
8.7 Housekeeping
8.7.1 Pest control
8.7.2 Waste product handling
9 Hygienic component design
9.1 Fabrication materials & surface finish of components
9.2 Processing (drying) chambers
9.3 Liquid feed system
9.3.1 Atomization assembly
9.3.2 Liquid feed preparation and handling
9.4 Supply air system
9.4.1 Air filters
9.4.2 Dehumidifiers
9.4.3 Supply air fans
9.4.4 Conveying air fan/blowers
9.4.5 Compressors for compressed process air
9.4.6 Air heater
9.4.7 Supply air ducting
9.5 Exhaust air system
9.5.1 Bag filter houses
9.5.2 Cartridge filters
9.5.3 Cyclones
9.5.4 Wet scrubbers
9.5.5 Exhaust air fans
9.5.6 Waste heat recovery units
9.5.7 Noise attenuators (silencers)
9.5.8 Exhaust Air Ducts
9.6 Powder discharge and handling system
9.6.1 Discharge Valves
9.6.2 Sifters (Sieves)
9.6.3 Metal Detectors and magnets
9.6.4 Storage Silos for finished product
9.6.5 Pack-off Equipment.
9.6.6 Product Samplers
9.6.7 Ducting systems handling dry products 
10 References.

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