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Doc. 31. Hygienic engineering of fluid bed and spray dryer plants - french version

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Sprache Französisch
Herausgeber EHEDG
Beschreibung Ingénierie hygiénique des installations de séchage
à lit fluidisé et par pulvérisation
EHEDG 2005
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Because these plants handle moist products in an airborne state, they are susceptible to hygiene risks, including a possible transfer of allergens between products. It is therefore critical to apply hygienic design considerations to both the process and machinery to prevent occurrence of such risks. Starting from the basics with regard to design, construction materials, layout, and zone classification of the drying systems to meet hygienic requirements, this paper outlines component design aspects of the processing chamber, with particular attention to the atomization assembly and the distribution grids for fluidization. Systems for both supply and exhaust air should operate in a hygienic manner and recommendations for the use and installation of various types of filters are listed. Finally, operational aspects, including sampling, control and general housekeeping are briefly discussed.
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